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Every year, the local community comes together to prepare these superfoods in a celebration of tradition. Their honest spirit inspired us to work towards a sustainable seed-to-snack practice in Bihar.  


Driven by our passion for adventure, exploration, and discovery, we here at Zenko Superfoods have decided that life wouldn’t be complete without experiencing what our wonderful world has to offer. So, in order to document our culturally diverse and naturally enchanting planet, we strive to collect and provide the tastes of world’s most powerful and traditional snacks. Our mission is not to take but to contribute and support both to the environment as well as local farming communities. This is Zenko, a company built on re-discovering tastes through health and heritage.

In society, we often find ourselves becoming increasingly virtual. And for us, it results in an eagerness to reconnect with the natural world in an authentic way. With eating remaining one of the most instinctual human processes, it dawned on us that we should share a reconnection experience in bite-size form, through snacks! Foods that combine natural beauty, health benefits, and cultural significance were what we strove to “re-discover”, and the northeastern Indian protein-packed water lily seed, known locally as makhana, was the perfect kickstarter. Puffing the seeds until they turn to pops, these snacks have remained hidden from the rest of the world for thousands of years. We thought it was time to unlock India, and introduce the world to water lily pops.

After discovering the seeds in the often forgotten Indian state of Bihar, and preparing to introduce them to the rest of the world, we wanted to stay true to our goal of developing and maintaining an honest supply chain. Incidentally, the relationships we built with the farmers who inspired us with their willingness to painfully pick and clean the seeds only deepened our understanding of the seed-to-snack process, and pushed us to find solutions to better support the work-lives of our community of farmers. Every crunch of our water lily pops symbolizes more than just a healthy snack, but the hard-work of a community and the natural beauty of northeastern India.


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